Costan-Zoo - Main Gate

My mind is all over the map. 

    Some of it is best caged,

        some can be left free

            to roam the grounds.

This site begins as a place to share

the trappings of my mind:

    Ranges of writings,

    Menageries of images, and

    Curiosities of my imagination.

This site, like myself,

is a work in progress

Who knows what it, or I,

will evolve into?



Keep out
a bipedal, fur-bearing tool user.

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Main Gate:  Front/Home page

Words Penned:  Some of my writing

Ranging Bull:  Blog.

ON Safari:  Travel writing

Watering Hole:  Drink Recipes

Feeding Time:  Food Recipes

Images Captured:  Photos

I’ll Cage it:  Misc. as in, “you name it; I’ll cage it.”

About JIMp:  Some bio stuff.

Friends:  URLS for some folks I know

Site Info:  Just that.

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